2755_7 Alongside Pinnace 1385 and two RSL's on pontoon - Seletar
2755_12 Taken by "Tago" Reeves from Pinnace 1385 who was outward bound on a torpex, 2755 was on a test run having just come down the slip after servicing.
2755_9 At speed - Malaya
2755_3 On moorings - Seletar
2755_2 At speed just off China Rock range, on a test run having just come down the slip, taken from Pinnace 1385. (Courtesy of Tago Reeves)
2755_4 Dinghy Drill just off Seletar with 103 Sqn Whirlwind
2755_6 Jaus add water - Seletar (Courtesy of Budge Bergin)
2755_1 At speed in bay just off Seletar, taken from unit dinghy. (Courtesy of Pete Larner)
2755_8 Dparting jetty, possibly closing ceremony Seletar 1968
2755_11 Taken by Pete Larner from the unit dinghy in Seletar Bay just off the unit itself.
2755_5 Ready to go up slip, taken from slipway Seletar (Courtesy of Budge Bergin)
2755_13 Alongside in Seletar